Investment Preferences


Business Acquisition
* Acquire Majority Control or 100% of a Company

Key Management Buyout
* Key Management seeking Capital to buyout Owner

Retiring Owner
* Retiring Owner seeking to exit Company
* Retiring Owner seeking to liquidate majority ownership

* Parent Company seeking to divest non-core entity

Investment Criteria
* Revenues less than $25M
* EBITDA greater than $900,000
* Minimal Debt, Positive Cash Flow
* Brand name(s) and/or Intellectual Property in Niche markets
* Profitability over the last 3 years
* Low Capital Expenditures.
The Direct Strategy is different
* We have founded, operated, and sold businesses
* We are Strategist's, Operator's, and Executer's
* We have experience conducting and expanding businesses in:

   United States
   Latin America
* We take the time to understand the acquired business
* We retain management, key personnel, and culture
* We evaluate the company's "strengths and weaknesses"
* We collaborate with management to improve company performance.
Direct Strategy understand's what it means to sell your business. It is because we have been founders, operator's and sellers of our own businesses.

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