JUNE 01, 2011; Direct Strategy completes the acquisition of Lara GmbH

JUNE 01, 2011; Direct Strategy formed Lara Tape Labs, LLC to complete the successful acquisition of the intellectual property and manufacturing capabilities of Lara GmbH, a European leader in the production and design of ePTFE and PTFE tape and related materials.  This acquisition by Lara Tape Labs is part of its strategic initiative to expand the distribution of Lara’s technology both within the United States and internationally. 

We believe our ePTFE and PTFE tape technology has the potential to positively impact several emerging industries, since Lara Tape Labs is the only company offering tape products from full density down to 0.3 density. Our technology is modular and can easily be applied for use in  Cardio Vascular, Filtration, Apparel, Interconnects, Industrial, Automotive, Electronics, and Robotic applications", said Hans Reinmann, a spokesman for Lara Tape Labs, LLC.

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